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jessica alba

hospital food needs a new rep

Posted on 2009.07.08 at 14:12
i will have to say hospital food is awesome. chrissy used to work at children's hospital and they had such good food. i stopped by for lunch one day with her and had catfish. she was always telling me about the awesome meals. now that she works at a school she complains about the food. when my dad was in the hospital in new york, the hospital had a deli, salad bar, grill and ice cream. the food was amazing. it was what kept us sane.

today for lunch i walked to tulane hospital because the secretaries at work were raving about the hospital food. they were right. i got jambalaya and cornbread. both tasted homemade. much better than subway. so when did hospital food get a bad rep, and why hasn't that rep changed?


Free Kittens to a Good Home!

Posted on 2009.04.29 at 09:49
My co-worker Sarah found three abandoned kittens yesterday. Her mother is helping her bottle feed them and nurse them for now, but they are looking for good homes for the kittens. Here's the sad story: Sarah's real estate agent took her to look at a house yesterday and in the backyard she found a box with the three kittens inside. It's just frustrating that someone would leave these poor kittens in the backyard of an empty house. We estimate they are 3-4 weeks old.

If anyone is interested, post a response to this entry with your phone number or email (comments are screened). She is bringing the kittens by the office later today, so I'll try to post a picture.


For my lj-ers with twitter accounts

Posted on 2009.04.29 at 09:12
Might as well be making some money off those accounts, you can place ads on the side of your twitter and get paid for them.

here's the details: http://twtad.com/?id=5439

I've been working on trying to create a profitable blog and came across that.


and some humor...

Posted on 2009.03.15 at 12:59


jessica alba

Tour de Lis

Posted on 2009.02.17 at 15:13
Current Mood: excitedexcited
So as motivation to get back into shape, and also because I'm always looking for fun and interesting things to do in New Orleans, I have put together a bike team for the Tour de Lis, a 10 mile bike ride to raise money for and awareness about cancer survival and research. If you are in New Orleans and want to join you can sign up at tourdelis.com 

If you are interested in making a donation go to: http://www.active.com/donate/tourdelis2009/nolachelps 

I'm super excited about this race. It's at the end of April and already I can't wait! Although I do need to start getting in shape. I knew it was a sign when I found the free bike a few weeks back!


Broad St. Bazaar - TOMORROW

Posted on 2008.12.19 at 13:31
Chrissy and I will be selling at the Broad St. Bazaar tomorrow from 11- 4. It is at the corner of Broad St. and Bienville in the Robert's parking lot. We have lots of awesome Xmas presents, so come stop by!


Fancy Pants Lawyers

Posted on 2008.11.13 at 15:18
So a lawyer emailed a group of us asking to volunteer at an event in Algiers. Here is what someone wrote back to the entire group.



I know where the westbank is located, but I fear that most new orleans young lawyers don't know where Algiers is located and probably thinks it is some outlier parish in the boonies.  In addition, I also find that most young lawyers who live in New Orleans will be afraid to cross the GNO bridge to get into Algiers since they deem it close to Jefferson Parish - which to them is "no mans land."  However, in light of my comments, it seems like a great cause.  I will try to make it if possible. 





Matt Damon Disses Palin

Posted on 2008.10.18 at 12:04


Broad Street Bazaar

Posted on 2008.10.02 at 13:27
Chrissy and I are in the newspaper! They took our picture at the flea market we sold at and put it in the Times-Picayune today.  :)  I can't find an e-link but if I do I will post it.


poker, sick, busy-ness

Posted on 2008.09.25 at 11:46
so i lost in the poker tournament. i peaked too early. first hand i had pocket kings and someone had pocket jacks and i took him for a lot of money. then i won 4 of the 5 next hands. however, after that i didn't hit anything good. my stack grew smaller cus of blinds and i finally made my all in move - Ace Jack suited. someone calls. he has an ace-queen. the queen hits. i lost. but i think i made the right move. it just had to happen.

i've been sick all week. it is such a pain. every time i start to feel better i go to bed, wake up and feel shitty again. i've been taking emergen-c which tastes HORRIBLE. and honestly, i can't tell if it is helping.

other than that work has been keeping me busy. another new girl started, we share an office. her name? amanda. so i had joked with people in the office before she got there that when she did arrive she would have to change her name. so when she got here a few people asked her what name she would go by instead of amanda. guess they thought i was serious about being the only amanda. at the elder law clinic at st. john's there was another amanda, i liked it because one of us was always around taking care of things, so people just thought that this amanda person was super efficient. worked for me!

i watched the eye last night. it was actually pretty scary and had a decent twist. there were some ridiculous parts where i can just picture chrissy and dre cracking up (like how jessica alba is supposed to be a professional classical violinist) but all in all it was way better than i had expected. oh and i'm starting to catch up on the new 90210. very very cheesy but i love it. it's funny. i can't wait to see who the dad of kelly taylor's kid is (yeah i'm 2 episodes behind). terminator: sarah connor chronicles kicks ass. this season is sooo good. and heroes has started off strong this season. they have a lot of ground to make up for from last season but it looks like they are going to do it. so many shows, so little time!

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